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Care Management

Trinity Health Alliance of Michigan has Care Managers ready to help your patients set the goals they want for their health and enable them with the resources and support they need to achieve them. Your patients don’t have to suffer with chronic health conditions. Our Care Managers are ready to help them take back control of their health.

A Care Manager is someone you can trust with your patients’ health.
Care Managers work
with your patient.

The primary role of a Trinity Health Care Manager is to walk alongside your patients as they work to achieve the health goals they have set for themselves. They will take the time to educate each patient on their condition, so they can decide what they want out of their own health and their own life.

Then, the Care Manager will be a consistent support for them as they work to reach their goals. They will answer questions, provide tips and offer advice, and follow up weekly or biweekly to help them stay on track.

Care Management is working with a patient to find out where they want their health to be and how you can help them get there. It’s meeting the patient where they’re at.

Nothing has changed patients’ medical outcomes more in the last ten years than Care Management.
Care Managers
work with you.

Trinity Health Alliance Care Managers work with primary care providers to establish a care plan specialized to help patients achieve the healthcare goals they have set for themselves.

They will help patients transition out of the hospital to make sure they have what they need to improve their health, whether it’s ensuring patients have the medication and devices they need to get their health back on the right track or helping them figure out how to get to their next doctor’s appointment.

Our Care Managers get to know your patients very well, so they get the very best personalized care that Trinity Health Alliance of Michigan has to offer.

I owe my life to them. I don't think I would be here today without them.

Benefits of A Care Manager:

One-on-One Support & Encouragement
Availability to Answer Questions or Provide Information
A Trusting Guide for Keeping Health on Track
The Very Best Personalized Care
Your patients don’t have to suffer. You can trust their health to our Care Managers.

The benefit of having a Trinity Health Care Manager working with your patients on their health goals is the one-on-one support and encouragement they receive. A Care Manager is a personal health cheerleader. 

They are available to answer questions and provide patients with the information they need to take back control of their health, whatever their chronic condition may be. 

Patients with diabetes, COPD, hypertension, congestive heart failure, and other chronic diseases have experienced incredibly positive changes in their conditions when they have a Care Manager on their team. 

Ready to Utilize Care Management?

Many Primary Care Providers do not realize Care Management with Trinity Health Alliance of Michigan can be available to their office. Connect with us on next steps.

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